Thursday 27 January 2011

Ten in the Bed

Fed up with seeing the vast array of expensive ten in the bed resources, which usually incorporate ten teddies I set off on a search to find ten similar looking bears. I didn't wait long before I came across these teddy key rings in a clearance sale, 50p each so a total of £5. Bed was made using an old GHD box and sticking a piece of fleece for a blanket onto the box and coloured scourers for pillows. The head board was made using a plastic folder of the same colour as the box cut to size and then velcroed to the back. I also made coloured tabards and matching hats for each of the teddies, two of each so we could look at colours, matching and the concept of the same. All teddies live inside.

Intently counting to those tired teddies!

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