Friday 21 January 2011

Playdough sheep

To accompany the David Bible story (and just for fun) I made white and whitish playdough to create sheep. The white playdough was made contained only cornflour (cornstarch), using recipe 1 from the Gluten free playdough . The whitish playdough was made using a traditional playdough recipe but substituting plain flour for half self raising and half cornflour. I simply did this as I was running out of cornflour and thought it was interesting to have two types of dough.

The dough was supplemented with short lengths of pipe cleaner, buttons and rubber mats for fields (and water). The pipe cleaners were used as legs and... caterpillar spines, claws, hedgehog bristles (sorry no pics). But the buttons were used as faces and flowers on bushes (in field of sheep) and then we progressed to fish and they become fins and spines on fish!!Oh how creative.
The mats which are viewed on this page are from a twister scram set which I find useful for so many other activities far from thier intended purpose. The mats added a new dimension to the dough play both structuring and extending creative play. I think these will be availible freely for children to access from now on. You can use; table mats, coloured chopping boards or laminated card to the same use.

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