Sunday 2 January 2011

Doll making project part 2

Add the hair using a wool of your choice, thread through a wide eyed needle and and sew in the pattern identified below. The closer the stitches are together the fuller the head of hair. Remember to leave the strands of hair the length or longer than the hair you wish. Once you have sewn the hair on or as you change wool tie each length on yarn creating a knot at the "root" in the pattern identified below, green tied to red, red to blue, blue to yellow etc. To create a fuller head of hair add another layer under the top layer.
Note the plaits holding the hair back, these were created by adding three long strands of wool either side of the head and plaiting them. Then bringing them to the back of the head and tying together at the nape of the neck, un-plait the wool below the knot and cut the excess hair to make the wool the same length as the rest.
Sew eyes and a mouth in chosen colour.
At this point you need to unwrap or cut the tightly wound thread around neck and replace with another piece this time tying at the beginning, creating an neck that is the appropriate width for you doll, wind round at least five times and tie at end too. I added a fringe (bangs to americans) in the same way as the rest of her hair, i just felt she needed it. And added rosy cheeks using some blush applied with a finger (I then hair-spayed her face to make it adhere)

To create detail in the legs tie a knot in a length of thread cutting off the excess thread. Sew through knee just to the front of either side take needle back and forth through the knee several times through the same spot (ish). Tie a knot at the end and bring needle out though leg at another point cut thread very close to "skin" avoiding nicking the fabric, that way you will loose the loose thread.
I then made her a dress using an old pair of pyjamas, saving me a whole bunch of stitching by simply cutting the end of the leg off folding over the top and sewing with a loose running stitch 1cm approx.' from the top, pulling tightly to create a skirt. I then cut the elastic out of the top of the pyjamas and used this to thread though to create a more elasticated top. The top was a bit of a bodge up but basically a tabard. The flowers in her hair are lengths of gathered ribbon sewn into a ring and then sewn onto an elasticated hair tie, with a button in the middle.
Introducing the Princess, whether she will be the princess with the pea is another matter entirely.

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