Tuesday 4 January 2011

Favourite Pre-School Apps

Now... before I say anything else, I am not generally one to promote the use of media technology with little children and this is not me saying you "have" to upload this to your iphone/ ipad. However we live in a world where children are exposed to technology and I think such resources have their place and can be used to support other hands on learning and simply as a bit of fun alongside a supportive adult, NOT as a baby sitting service. So rather than giving them a go on your crazy birds game, upload some more appropriate apps.

An incredibly well made app, with the right degree of simplicity and skill. The child has to drag and drop the object/ number/ shape from the top right hand corner to the correct space on the screen. If s/he gets it wrong the first time it guides with an arrow, wrong the third time it prompts with a big circle where it should go and then when the picture is complete rewards you with a "lovely" piece of music and sometimes a little animation.

A fabulously clear and simply animated (when each character is tapped) story. Several options including different languages and reading to self are included. It is read by a child in any case and you will never read the little red hen again, without hearing the child's voice in your head. I got this when it was free but it's definitely worth 59p. The company that make this do other stories, which I was unaware of until finding a link to post here I will be looking at these!! :)

Not a very interesting app in my lame opinion, but to a three year old seems incredibly appealing and extremely fulfilling. No aim here simply create different coloured tracks with your finger, each track makes a different noise as you create it. And then when you have finished track building or any time really pop some trains on the line. Seems dull, but I tell us adults don't always know best. And let me tell you our tracks are far more "creative" than that, don't think health and safety would pass inspection but definitely creative.

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