Friday, 21 October 2011

So Autumn:- Pumpkin theme continued...
I've found some fabulous links here, most of them are not particularly Halloweeny!!!
Living Montessori Now pumpkin themed ideas
Living Montessori Now more pumpkin links...
My Montessori Journey pumpkin ideas
Growing in Peace a link to pumpkin growth sequencing cards
My Montessori Journey, pumpkin drawing
Mommy's Monkeys, pumpkin playdough
Roots and Wings Co, Pumpkin spice Playdough

Hedgehogs - 50p buy!

How cute is he? And I have a whole family of them, couldn't leave them behind! And at 50p from the charity shop (thrift store- proceeds to charity).

So I've got a few plans will keep you posted!
Meanwhile you could grab yourself some of these for a bit more money though!

Golf Tees hammering in Pumpkin

Now it's full on Autumn (Fall for you American readers!) And pumpkins are in the shops (stores for you American readers!) for their short stint of purchasing before Halloween and then on sale after! I personally don't celebrate Halloween but there are certainly joys to be had around Autumn none the less, and hammering golf tees into pumpkins is one of them!
For younger children with less strength hammer several tees in first and then remove it will make it easier! Note the little pumpkin is being carved with golf tees and playdough tools!

(Don't ask why there is a blown up glove in top picture, these were taken last year and I haven't a clue?)

Monday, 10 October 2011

Charlie and Lola Peg Dolls

Well these were a little more complicated than the other peg dolls, I won't be reproducing these in a hurry!! But they are cute!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Finger print ducks

This is a moving in card for someone who has just moved in next to a duck pond. Perfect opportunity to make duck finger prints!!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sheep Cards

Well I conclude children are way more creative than adults! And when we give them a model to "copy" we seriously risk inhibiting that creativity. I was about to make a card for my sister and gathered stuff together when four year old decided he would make the same! He made his first, thank goodness he did it is sooooo much better than mine, I think you will guess which is his! Judge for yourself!