Monday 3 January 2011

Christmas Tree addition and subtraction

Counting activities involving counting have been a firm favourite previously in a moment of inspiration I came up with this idea to use up a few scraps of green card. Initially I was going to write the numbers on the trees but instead did addition sums/ number sentences what ever you call them, knowing that this would be a very visual way of introducing the written concept of something that has been worked on verbally many times. I wrote the answers on trunks to match up to the correct tree once the decorations had been added and the answer had been established.
As requested by a little mathematician I put the corresponding subtraction sum on the back of each tree.
Pieces were stored in a little tray with small pieces contained in an empty Branston pickle and cheese snack pot. The counting decorations were mini craft gems and sequins (without sticky backs)

The activity was a real hit and so good for fine motor control, counting those tiny gems on to the trees which had a terrible incline to slip rather frustratingly at times. We ended up doing on a try in the end as carpet made the trees quite wobbly, I think I would use thicker card, laminate or use felt if I were to do it again.

Remember, learning should always be tailored to the individual needs of the child. Addition and subtraction should not be attempted until the child is confident in counting with one to one correspondence, has lots of experience or dealing with numbers in everyday activity, has experience of language such as one more, lots more, take one away etc. in everyday activities and through songs. The child can then begin to deal with problems in play and everyday activity e.g. "We've eaten two biscuits how many are left?" Only when a child is confident with such "problems" can addition and subtraction in this way even be contemplated.

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  1. LOVE this activity!! I will be printing it out and using it in a few years when Super Tot starts doing math. Fantastic job!