Saturday 29 January 2011

Chinese fortune cookies and Wontons

Well it's Chinese New Year on Wednesday, so I've set to work making some felt chinese food. We do have a chinese food play set but as with all occasions it's always nice to add to it. The fortune cookies were made using these instructions on Youtube by lillybeanplayfood, except I hand sewed rather than using a machine. There are lots of now sew instructions if you google "felt fortune cookies".
For the felt I used felt cleaning cloth from a pack of 12 from poundland. For the stuffing I simply used the scraps from cutting the felt into the required shapes. These wontons were made using the same fabric, by simply cutting a circle (I used a roll of tape as my template). I then tied a piece of green floss about a cm from end, then sewed a running stitch approx 4 cm from the perimeter of the circle. Stuffed then pulled floss tight and tying working end to the knotted end, creating a tie imitating the seaweed used to tie wontons.

I'll probably make some more food tomorrow and may break habit and post results on a Sunday! I think I will start with dumplings from with instructions from Burnt Muffin

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