Saturday 28 May 2011

God made me!

Well actually we are looking at "God made me special" Original inspiration came from Toddleriffic, and their session title is "God made me precious" and whilst this is true, it is rather a difficult word for little people and a little pretentious. We will be thinking about how God made each one of us in the context of the creation story. But I'm supplementing it with this book I simply love the above book and am using this as a basis for the session.
We will be saying and actioning this lovely rhyme from Toddlerific

I plan to set out a "station" for each sense/ body part, or a discreet activity to consider God creating us.
  • God made me
  • God made my eyes
  • God made my ears
  • God made my nose
  • God made my mouth
  • God made my hands
  • God made my feet
  • God made everybody
For each of the stations/ activity I will have these cards and will then use them to introduce the story of our creation.

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