Saturday 21 May 2011

Five Little Ducks Basket

Song/ poem baskets/ boxes go down most wonderfully, perhaps their size appeals to little hands and inquisitiveness. The basket contained, the felt pond, funky foam duck stickers and song card (below printed to 1/4 A4 size)These baskets seem to encourage independent singing and song play like no other resource.


  1. love the felt pond and ducks! did you make the felt pieces or buy them?

  2. The ducks are from a easter sticker collection (the foam kind) but the pond is just a piece of blue felt cut into a "pond" shape and sewn with blanket stitch around edge, the flower simply made by gathering a thin "ribbon" of felt with a running stitch and attaching to a lilly pad shape. Happy sewing was a very quick project.

  3. very fun- I may just have to try this! (even I may be able to sew this :)