Wednesday 18 May 2011

Float your boat

Well I've been MIA for well over a month, seriously busy and seems once I let something slip I let it slip further!!! Anyways got a nice store of pics and ideas in my photo collection from the last little while.

Starting with a much better one than the last "HMS Disaster". I think you will see a continued interest of boaty fishy ideas, 1 because we have been doing those themes in Sunday School, 2 boats and fish continue to be super popular themes!

The boat was made with hot cross bun display stand from the co-op, seen in the bin area after easter! I know it would make a brilliant boat, getting it in the car with car seats in caused a bit of a stir in the car park, but results were worth it.

It is seriously strong, rather indestructible considering it's made of card.

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