Wednesday 16 February 2011

Maisy's Bus

Today more laminated props, this time for the lovely story of Maisy's Bus.
The road is made of a length of hessian (used to tie young trees to a steak)
The pieces were drawn and laminated (front and back of bus) with window of the bus cut out before laminating.
Putting velcro on the back of the bus allowed the characters to be stuck into their seats and driven along (characters also drawn and coloured both sides so the they can be seen both sides of the bus)
This is such a simple story it lends its self to retelling by the child with or without text, and allows opportunities to add more story lines and different journeys.

This lovely book is available through Amazon, and load of other book sellers (in UK often reduced in The Works)

Maisy's Bus is also available on YouTube.

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