Tuesday 15 February 2011

Hooray for Fish

Matching words to pictures.
I simply love Hooray for Fish so simple, but wonderful illustrations and text!! I made these cards some time ago and they haven't been used for months then all of a sudden today- look! Don't you just love how you think something has past its use then all of a sudden it's used again.
Words and pictures all matched!

I love using props and pictures to accompany stories (particularly favourites) and find they are so useful for extending and engaging involvement in the story. You can download my story cards from TES Connect.

There is a video available on youtube of this wonderful story too!


  1. Hi! I downloaded and used your 2-part cards to make a simple matching activity for my tot.
    Thank you for making this!

  2. Hi! Is there a chance to still download these cards? They would be useful for me. Unfortunately, the link doesn't work...