Wednesday 2 February 2011

Chinese New Year Activities 2

A few more ideas for activities relating to Chinese New Year.
Transferring pom-poms with chop sticks, sorting two colours.

Oriental dolls and food for celebrating book which one of the children found on the bookshelf.
Pop up dragon game.
Ordering numbers relating to the order of the story of the Chinese new year.
Matching photos to symbols loto, animals of the Chinese New year story.

Oriental purses with money in to put in lucky envelopes, with New Year cards. I was going to add numbers in the envelopes for children to put the correct money into the envelope, but instead let them explore and discuss money. We verbally added up how much was in each envelope.

A small collection of Chinese artefacts, including a rabbit relating to the Year of the rabbit 2011
Transfering dry rice from chinese bowls with a spoon.
Rabbit shaped cards, decorated with a selection of collage materials.

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