Thursday 5 January 2012

Magic Snow

I bought some "insta snow" (also marketed as magic snow) from pound land before Christmas and have just got around to using it. We milked the making of this for everything we could, following the instructions to the letter (reading, doubling the instructions so a bit of multiplying.....
dividing the water needed into tens
using a syringe to add the water in 10ml squirts,
watching the immediate reactions of the powder, !!)......
Oh we had fun, then played that was a little less successful (not so keen on texture and neither was I to be honest, haven't played in a while) But I think you will agree this is rather cute (with its features nabbed from the glueless collage) The "snow" is now in freezer awaiting another play session with a twist!!! I'll keep you posted


  1. May I say, you have some interesting stuff going on in the background there! I want to know about that stuff!

  2. Do you mean the wooden toys in the background?

  3. Oh! I didn't know this magic snow. Thanks.

    I agree with the wooden toy in the background. Looks very cool.