Saturday 21 January 2012

Hair Roller Posting

This has no relevance to recent posts, but have only a few minutes so this is a quick post...
Simply a dried milk can covered in paper and a hole cut out of the lid! The hole needs to be the actual diameter of the rollers NOT taking into account the prongs, this is so the child has to add a little more pressure to develop wrist and finger strength rather than the traditional drop ones!

The velcro round the edge on this picture is fluffy but the scratchy one works better. Having the velcro round the edge serves two purposes.
  1. Adds another motor skill of pulling off the roller developing strength and using two hands (it won't come of if you don"t) 
  2. It keeps the task together with a clear visual signal the activity has finished as this was designed to be used by an autistic child in a TEACCH workstation situation.
To make this even more challenging and add a lovely sound element use plastic spiked rollers rather than the velcro type ones above.


  1. Emailing this to a friend who does speech therapy

  2. Thanks for this great idea. It has been on the shelf for two weeks and is in constant use by the children.
    I've posted about it over at

  3. Cool-i-o idea- I have "pinned" it and now I am a loyal follwer- keep up the great posts! :0)