Sunday 8 August 2010

Creative Blogs

I simply have not had the time to post a blog this weekend, as every time I begin I am distracted by someone elses blog and subsequently have ended up being inspired to make something! So thought I'd post this weekend's blog discoveries, a bit of a creative theme going down, enjoy...
  • Paper and String: A crafting blog full wonderful ideas.
  • It's a Fiddle Fart: Another fabulous blog with loads of creative crafts.
  • I'm a Teacher Get Me Outside of Here: Some really inspirational outdoor learning/ creative projects, including some story stones very similar to mine.
  • Mama Rokas: A Wonderful blog with so many amazing craft projects to make for little ones. The site is in Latvian, but if you scroll down on the left their is a translator option which does an ok translation, but even without that well worth it simply for photos.
"It never ceases to amaze me how many ideas can stem from a single seed of inspiration." Bea

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