Tuesday 3 August 2010

Child Friendly Recipes

I always attempt to allow children to be as independent as possible and when going shopping or making cakes I think independence and learning is optimised if children are fully involved through the use of pictorial lists and recipes. I usually draw these but occasionally collect photos or draw on computer for printing (usually for times I need to impress!!).

The above recipe is just perfect for a single child to make with very little adult input, making four cup cakes. I used a chocolate cake mix in this recipe but as long as it is this ratio of dry versus liquid it should work. When you use the microwave for cooking cakes is works best if you put paper cases into silicone cases to help the cakes hold their shape. Also microwaves vary and this is an average time (don't have on highest setting in a 700watt oven).

This is particularly good for pre/ emerging readers especially those with special needs, as it is clear, gives sense of achievement and is motivating. Have pictorial recipes in role play area too.

Some other pictorial recipes I have created are availible from TES resources section (you will need to register=free)

"Omit and substitute! That's how recipes should be written. Please don't ever get so hung up on published recipes that you forget that you can omit and substitute." Jeff Smith


  1. My boys are always asking to help. I love the idea of turning them loose and letting them make something themselves! My cake boxes call for oil and eggs. Did yours? I'm just trying to think if it would still work with only adding water...

  2. Nope mine didn't it was a mc dougals box