Sunday 13 October 2013

Stammering Poem

I generally don't share much of myself on this blog, and I originally set it up to share ideas etc. relating to SEN and inclusion, it has evolved along the way.

But this post whilst relates to inclusion/ SEN is actually a poem written by myself to describe the experience I have with stammering. This was a big issue when I was a child, but I kind of grew out if it with some occasions when I would but limited impact. At present however whilst not major (by many's terms) it is a feature of my daily life and somewhat frustrating! I hope that you will find it interesting:

I stammer, I stutter
But nothing at all
I stand there in limbo
As I try to recall

The clock it is ticking
My words stuck inside
Not supposed to be hard
But the word it just hides

A repetition of sound
Or a curious stop
Brain in a frenzy
Find a word to just swap!

The options are thus
Words remain hidden
Or lexical battle
Till fault overridden!

The British Stammering Association has so good advice sheets (particularly for children)

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