Tuesday 7 June 2011

Geomag- pinball game

Just celebrating children's creativity here, I always wish I came up with all the great ideas but that in most cases is actually the children! It's just up to us to provide the right resources, environment and support should it be needed. In this case all I was needed for was an occasional extra hand to balance things.
Paper held up by straight pieces of geomag, free standing on metal tray and paper held with the geomag balls (which provided amazing strength)

Growing complexity, adding the plastic panels to the bottoms of the poles to prevent the ball getting stuck to the ends by the magnet. Later only one this was not the case for with the finish line/ goal!
And...action! Was actually quite a difficult game. I'm not sure this was the original plan and I'm sure this child would never have seen such a toy/ game but it certainly worked.

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