Sunday 27 June 2010

Poundland Creation

So, used the "great" football match to create resources to support the bucket of plastic fruit ice-cubes.

Transferring fruit into dish using tongs
Transferring fruits using tongs into matching coloured cups.
Transferring using tongs into compartments with matching picture.
Transferring using tongs into matching coloured silicone cases (only enough space for two fruits)

Repeating Patterns
Following and continuing ABAB pattern. Using velcroable matching fruits onto a velcro strip, allowing easy adapting or children creating their own patterns.
As above but permanent patterns following an ABCABC pattern.

Feeding Monster
I made this cute little model out of a food can (coffee mate) for feeding him the pieces of food. You could obviously use verbal instructions for a receptive language activity, particularly for stepped or sequential instructions e.g. "Feed monster an orange, banana and a strawberry." But for independent activity:

Pictures of fruits placed on a velcro strip, child feeds that "menu" to the monster. Ideal for use in a a workstation.
Laminated cards with numbers written on with a dry wipe pen, child feeds the monster that amount of each fruit. Ideal for use in a workstation.
Children select what fruit they want to feed to monster, velcro onto menu and feed him (or a friend feeds him). The menu can be used in imaginative play, to select fruits for fruit salad.

More about that Monster tomorrow.

"The only kind of learning which significantly influences behavior is self-discovered or self-appropriated learning - truth that has been assimilated in experience." Carl Rogers

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  1. VERY clever - I can just see my little guy loving the monster activity. Thanks for sharing!